Drink a Shot of
Privacy with Tonic

Privacy Transactions for Everyone, Powered by zk-SNARK Technology.

Privacy is the Foundation of Decentralization

Maintaining financial privacy is the base layer for crypto’s mass adoption. With Tonic, you can withdraw tokens without any links to your deposit, guaranteeing complete privacy. It’s immutable, uncensorable and untrackable by math.

Break the On-chain Link
between Transfers

Tonic offers users a secure and private way to send funds.
Get the privacy you need in three easy steps.



Submit a hash of a randomly generated key(note) to the Tonic smart contract to deposit tokens.



In order to enhance their privacy, users should wait certain amount of time before withdrawing.



You can provide proof of the original key that was initially submitted to access the funds and send them to the intended recipient.

Protected by the Battle-Tested
Trusted Setup

Zero-knowledge proofs need specific keys to function. Tonic leverages Tornado Cash's Trusted Setup, featuring over 1,100 contributions, one of the most extensive setups available.
These proven open-source keys contribute to robust censorship resistance and transparency, enhancing the platform's security and reliability.

$TONIC Token Launch Soon

Provide Liquidity to Anonymous Pools for Airdrops.
Holders will receive governance rights and revenue shares.